Victor Hypernano X-900X

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De grote hoeveelheid anti-torsie in de steel zorgt voor een goede energie overdracht wat voor een zeer soepele slag zorgt. Als speler kan je zo het maximaal gevoel in je slagen brengen. 
Het racket voor de technische speler die met gevoel wil spelen.

Balans    : HH Balans HL
Flex        : Stijfheid
Gewicht  : 92 gram


New grommet design + large hitting zone = Sweet control
With an optimized grommet design following a set of strict scientific procedures, players can feel about 10% more ”connected” with the racket head, as described by VICTOR Lab testers, as well as a larger sweet zone, which provides increased control and great feedback from the stringbed.

Anti-Torsion + Pyrofil = Stable Force
The PYROFIL carbon-fiber composites, a Japanese-invented material, boasts superb shock-absorption which, when used in the racket shaft, creates lightweight swings and a comfortable stiffness. Together with VICTOR’s ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM, it saw a 22% improvement in anti-torque, offering a more solid and stabilized hitting feel.

Multiplied x Nano Fortify TR = Resilience Plus
VICTOR Labs trialed countless combinations of materials for the racket frame and ultimately achieved the perfect balance with the NANO FORTIFY TR as the leading content. The HX-900X features a surprising amount of resilience, 17.5% better than its preceding model, which helps athletes to retain more power in the backswing and altogether generate more pace and weight when they launch the shots.